Monday, February 28, 2011


I have been attempting to contact the renowned arylcyclohexylamine chemist and author of this review who went by the name "John Q. Beagle" or "hms_beagle" simply "Beagle". He is known for writing a piece on the synthesis of 4-MeO-PCP that sparked a great deal of discussion regarding the compound's potency and duration, he was also a contributor to Rhodium where he wrote about the chemistry of dialkyltryptamines and adrenochrome. Given his level of expertise I would not be surprised if he is currently developing legitimate pharmaceutical NMDA-antagonists. I am aware he could once be reached at but that address has since become invalid. If anyone who is Beagle, or was Beagle, or knows Beagle, reads this and wishes to point me in his direction it would be greatly appreciated. 


plustax said...

Man that was a blast from the past, orgo all over again, thanks man.

ben said...

Beagle is just one name of someone that used to be pretty damn prolific. I would be surprised if he wishes to speak, but maybe. A lot of people in the underground community aren't really too keen on the exposure you are bringing about with your journalism. Sure, it makes great copy, we all know that, but many of us have done quiet research and/or made a living for a long time and don't really appreciate some kid coming along and shining light onto to places that need darkness to function. Exposure combined with the Research Chemical craze means a lot of people are getting forced out of work, both literally and figuratively, and unfortunately we don't all come from money. If you value this community than do your best to join it, go to school, go underground, just for heavens sake stop writing about it.

Hamilton Morris said...

I do go to school and I currently study chemistry and neuroscience. The community will get written about regardless, it always has been and always will be, you cannot silence public interest in these matters anymore than you can silence interest in drug use itself. The only way I know about people like Beagle is because they wrote about their research and published it openly on the internet for everyone to read, that is not exactly underground––though it is pseudonymous––there is a big difference.

Also I'm not even sure it makes great copy, I assume you are someone from Bluelight or a similar forum, if so, you represent a minority of drug user who is unusually interested in the scientific elements of drug use. Most people see a substance like DOT or methoxetamine and to them it might as well be moon dust. They have no idea how to obtain it, how to synthesize it, and they don't really care to try and find out––to them it is nothing more than a weird and interesting story.

I am very much part of the community and have been for several years, obviously not as long as many people but I think I have made significant contributions to various harm-reduction forums. I have many friends in the community and I value it enormously. I do my very best to focus on the narrative and scientific elements while downplaying distribution networks and other sensitive information. I know my last article cut a little close to home and pissed some people off but I really bent over backwards to focus on M.'s story and not the RC scene. I think in twenty years it will serve as a fascinating record of research that might have otherwise been forgotten. Just think how great it would have been if there were interviews with the chemists working at Parke-Davis in the 70s, it is tragic how much valuable information is lost.

I'm not sure about your last remark regarding people getting forced out of work and how I would be responsible for that.

Hamilton Morris said...

Also in terms of Beagle, I have no idea what his background was, but assuming he was a clandestine chemist he may have hundreds of bioassays, routes of synthesis, and fascinating stories that never made it to peer-reviewed scientific journals. Why should that information die with him when it could benefit our collective understanding?

Nicotine Something said...

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